DocMiner DocMiner

Automated processing of accounting and legal documents

Automated extraction and processing of data from various types of documents using artificial intelligence with minimal manual intervention

  • Process acceleration
  • Mass processing
  • High data extraction accuracy (+ 90%)
  • User-friendly UI for data editing
  • Integration into required target applications via a modern API
MindRec MindRec

Overview and control over the circulation of documentation in the company

Management of registry records using a certified registry system

  • Simple, clear, and user-friendly environment
  • Quick orientation in documents
  • Transfer of registry records to the State Archive
  • Managed access for external entities
MindFind MindFind

We obtain the required data from the image material

We process the photo, recognize it, and extract the required information (e.g., serial number or we subtract the value from the code list).

  • High reading accuracy using artificial intelligence
  • There is no need to download any application to your mobile phone
  • Customer-friendly solution
ArchiveX ArchiveX

Permanent storage of an unlimited amount of data and documents

Storing information through the processes by which it is stored and managed so that it is protected, accessible, and at the same time trustworthy and authentic

  • Independence from production technologies
  • Permanent and secure data storage
  • Efficient search and access
  • Unloading production systems and reducing operating costs
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