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ArchiveX is a solution for the permanent and secure storage of electronic documents and data. We implement it as an enterprise on-premise solution for storing, managing, and permanently storing an unlimited amount of data in any format, with controlled access to them. For us, the digital archive is not just about the technologies used to store information, but mainly about the processes by which information is stored and managed so that it is protected, accessible, and at the same time trustworthy and authentic.

RSM is one of the key components of a digital archive designed for efficient hierarchical storage of any volume of unstructured data. Resource Storage Manager (RSM) is an open-source alternative to CMS systems developed by us and is available free of charge. The module in the .jar file format is primarily intended for the IBM TSM platform, which provides complete functionality of bit protection of data contents, i.e., protection of data against loss, destruction, or damage.

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