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Current status

Project complete

Project implementation period

07/2017 – 06/2021

The project was exceptionally completed on



Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies STU in Bratislava
Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies STU in Bratislava
Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics, Comenius University in Bratislava
Center of Scientific and Technical Information of the Slovak Republic

Places of implementation

Banská Bystrica - Majerská cesta 36
Bratislava - city part Karlova Ves

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Automated processing of unstructured content


MindIT, s.r.o. is the initiator of a project for the processing of unstructured digital data in the form of audio, video files, and text documents using deep machine learning. On the research project, we cooperate with scientific capacities from the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Comenius University in Bratislava, and the Center for Scientific and Technical Information of the Slovak Republic.

The research project aims to acquire such a level of knowledge and procedures in the field of language processing that it is subsequently possible to use this acquired knowledge and procedures in the development of products and services with a higher added value of content processing in practice, i.e., to strengthen the economic position of society.

Aim of the project

The main goal of the project is to apply the results of research in the field of deep machine learning and neural networks in practice by selecting procedures that have the highest degree of accuracy in the field of natural language and image processing and at the same time verify the limits of this technology. Fulfilling this goal will enable the application of results to software products and services in the field of archives, CMS, CRM, which will significantly increase the added value and competitiveness of corporate products and services.

Prospects for the future

MindIT, s.r.o. is interested in penetrating international markets with the above-mentioned technologies, while automated processing of unstructured content with a verified degree of processing success will be the main difference factor.

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