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We innovate in the true sense of the word. We think with the client and for the client. Maximal professionalism is what we strive for and we devote everything to work for you.

Artificial intelligence in MindIT

We realize that the products and services that customers require nowadays must provide high added value and reduce the amount of routine work with the help of intelligent tools. Therefore, we focused our attention on artificial intelligence and machine learning. We invest in the field of applied research of artificial intelligence and we use the primary results in our products such as DocMiner.

Image processing and object detection

We focused on practical solutions for the industry and utilities, such as AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) – automated subtraction/countdown of meter values from the instrument image. We process the photograph of the measuring device, recognize the dial of the device, or other relevant information (e.g., serial number) and subtract/read the value from the meter. In the search for a solution, we evaluated various modern architectures of convolutional neural networks for image processing and object detection such as YOLO, EfficientNet, as well as our own networks to achieve the highest possible reading accuracy. The resulting solution was created by an original combination of these approaches.

Natural language processing (NLP)

NLP (Natural Language Processing) and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) are challenging areas of AI and require a systematic approach and following the latest trends and technologies to achieve practical results. They also depend to a large extent on access to the amount of data needed to train artificial intelligence. MindIT is a company that has grown up on the problematics of digital archives, therefore we naturally focus on an area professionally called information retrieval (IR). In this area, we have developed an information system for extracting information from invoices called DocMinerwhich we further expand with other domains, such as extracting information from legal documents. In addition to the basic task of data extraction, the system can also estimate the probability of success of the extracted attribute, which can be used to design an additional check of the extracted text before automatic insertion into the customer's ERP system.

Diagnostics in the field of medicine

In cooperation with partners and thanks to the support of research from the European Regional Development Fund, we are involved in the Biomedires project, which focuses on the research of innovative diagnostic and prognostic markers and therapeutic targets in women's cancer, focusing primarily on endometrial cancer and cervical disease. Our goal is to combine and select data from patient examinations (basic, anamnestic, genomic, glycemic, and others) and create machine learning models or models of neural networks to diagnose the disease or determine the stage of development of the patient's disease (e.g., normal endometrium, hormonal dysfunctional endometrium, hyperplasia without atypia, hyperplasia with atypia (EIN), endometrial carcinoma).

Solving of optimization problems, statistical calculations, and searching for data patterns

In the field of solutions of, for example, logistic problems, we provide services for solving optimization tasks (e.g., optimal traffic management with given boundary conditions, etc.), services for searching for data patterns (Pattern recognition) based on machine learning methods, e.g., determination of cluster clumps, erroneous patterns, determination of decision trees, etc.

AI tools

For professional task management, we adapt tools for data processing and preparation for AI. Almost all are based on open-source tools that we extend, adapt, and integrate. This includes tools for:

  • image and video annotation
  • text annotation
  • web crawler with targeted search
  • corpus indexing and building tools
  • evaluation and testing tools
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Data and processes in MindIT

At MindIT, we develop solutions for you that help your business grow, transform, or optimize. These solutions are created thanks to a qualified team of analysts and business consultants, which covers a wide range of professional domains such as energetics, medicine, finance and economics, process automation, digitization, and processing of documents and data, etc.

Detailed analysis

Detailed analysis of data flows as well as internal and external processes in the company. Thanks to thorough analysis and structured recorded information about the content of processes, we will create detailed analytical inputs for the client as well as for the IT architect or developer.

Process visualization and modeling

We use BPMN and UML methodologies to visualize processes or use cases as well as data models, data flow diagrams, state diagrams, simply everything we need to understand and analyze processes. We also model the interfaces of information systems. Moreover, we have UML and TOGAF certified professionals.


Working with the application must be intuitive and simple for each user. We emphasize the readability of the outputs for those who "only" use the application. We process designs in the form of screens so that the user always knows exactly what he will receive at the end of the delivery of the solution.

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Custom development in MindIT

At MindIT, with a combination of quality analysis, innovative thinking, and qualified experts, we bring our clients custom-made application system solutions.

Experienced team

Our solutions are created with the support and knowledge of the latest IT technologies. We create technologically advanced intelligent solutions that facilitate and speed up access to information and its context.


Our products use the latest open-source technologies from the JAVA world, supported by years of developed internal assets. Whether your product requires integration with third-party services (camel), a robust back-end infrastructure (spring), or a fast and responsive user-interface (react), you can be sure that there will be a solution in our portfolio that fits.

At the same time, we know that there is the right tool for every problem, and other technologies and approaches (rust, swift, nodejs, python, go) will not be unfamiliar to us.

We write the code responsibly; tests and CI are a matter of course. The delivery does not end with the first deployment and we write our solutions so that we do not have to tear our hair during the support.


We are no strangers to R&D, which results in our own products, such as DocMiner R&D

Our products

If you would like to view our development products, you can learn more about them in the section Products.

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